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The Tooth Fairy melb

Tooth Gem Online Training

Tooth Gem Online Training

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The Tooth Fairy Melbourne is pleased to bring you an extensive and informative insight into the world of tooth gems! 

Here, you’ll find everything you need to fully prepare and educate yourself on how to safely and effectively master the art of tooth gems.

You’ll need to create a Thinkific account to access your training.

You’ll be able to login in from one account ONLY. Sharing of account information will result in an automatic ban and relevant legal action will be taken.

Once purchased, your course link will be sent to you within 24 hours. 


Chapter 1: Welcome

- Course Contents

- Terms & Conditions

- Hello & Welcome

 Chapter 2: Introduction to Tooth Gems

- What are Tooth Gems

- Health & Safety

 Chapter 3: Lets Learn About Teeth

- Tooth Anatomy

- Types of Teeth

- Popular Teeth for Tooth Gems

- Client Restrictions & When to Avoid Gems

 Chapter 4: Products

- Products

- Types of Tooth Jewellery 

- Adhesives

 Chapter 5: Operating Safely

- Safety Practices & Sanitisation 

- Hygiene Practices

- Hand Washing

 Chapter 6: The Application Process

- Preparing For The Appointment

- Step by Step Process

- Tooth Gem Placement

- Retention & Bonding Failures

- Client Aftercare

- Tooth Gem Longevity 

- Removals

- Risks & Complications 

Chapter 7: Lets Talk Business

- Setting Up

- Social Media

- Pricing

- Insurance

Chapter 8: General Tips & Info


- General Info

Chapter 9: Downloads

- Client Consent Forms

- Client Aftercare/ FAQ Cards

- Swarovski Catalog

- 18k Gold Catalog

Chapter 10: Video Tutorials

- Product Video

- Step by Step Application Process

- Window Design

- Butterfly Design

- Stack Design

- Canine Design

- Multiple Teeth/ Track Design


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